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I enthusiastically recommend Rose. Here is a woman who wears many hats – massage therapist, energy healer, nutritionist, lecturer, writer, etc. – and across all paths, weaves her unwavering, faithful understanding of the human condition. Her extensive knowledge and skill infuses his approach to whatever issues have come up for you and she will address it succinctly and authentically. I trust her to keep me on the path to becoming the best person I can be.
B. Ward - Sandy Springs GA

I've been seeing Rose for 2 years now steadily. Her work is different than massage, though working muscles and joints is part of it. She does energy balancing. When I am done with a session with her, my body feels grounded, relaxed, released and the pathways of previously blocked energy and ache-y stiffness are gone. I sleep deeply after a session with Rose and can feel that my body is in a state to regenerate and repair itself. She opens up my channels so my body can do its own healing and repair. I come out of her session feeling like I just had a vacation. Her fee is very fair and a good value. The sessions are done fully clothed. The environment is calm, clean, comfortable and peaceful. I love my sessions on her table.
S. Meadows - Atlanta GA

A few years ago, I incurred two compression fractures in my lower back. The fractures were treated but I was left with residual pain all down the right side of my back. I struggled with my daily life. In 2017 I went to Rose for help. I couldn’t believe what she did for me. I felt 40 to 50% better after the first session, no longer in that horrible pain. I felt like whatever she did was a miracle. Since she was the first person able to help me, I had hope that I could get rid of the pain. Today, four years later, and as a result of his treatments, the pain is gone and I have my life back. Her acu-therapy has truly saved my life. I continue to see her for treatments every month.
T. Marelli - Roswell GA

Rose has more than earned a good report from me. Making a massage appointment with her was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve had plenty of massages over the years—but never one as good as the deep tissue massage Rose gave me. I have never found anyone else with her strength and technique. She puts it all together seamlessly.
I am happy and confident to recommend her for high quality therapeutic massage. Her studio is professional and relaxing. Rose is a pro's pro! She is compassionate and sincere. She was born to do this work.
R. O’Donnell - Dunwoody GA

Off and on over the past four years Rose has helped me with various issues starting with sciatica. The more I came to appreciate his technique the better I felt. Building trust was important to me as I feel it is with any type of therapist. Beyond bodywork or acupressure, in which she is versed, Rose is very knowledgeable on a variety of health topics and she freely shares what she knows verbally, with a printout or an email. I feel she really cares about people which is important to me. Being a full time caregiver for my adult disabled son, I have a lot of stress not only physically but emotionally. When I am in an acupressure session I am able to relax totally, even to falling asleep. My latest issue is plantar fasciitis. Rose has been helping me immensely with this and has also taught me to help myself. My feet are healing and a lot is due to her help. I see Rose as a ‘whole package’ with being a nutritionist and health educator. I know if she can help me she can help many others. I recommend her highly and without one iota of reservation.
B. Areyan - Brookhaven GA

Although I have been coming to you for only a short period of time, I have to tell you that your massage treatment has helped me enormously. Your work on my left hip has alleviated the bursitis pain and enabled me to sleep on my left side for the first time in several years. Beyond that, my overall body movement has improved and I am now able to walk more quickly and for a much longer period of time. I believe the strength in your hands has enabled you to manipulate various muscles, thus bringing greater flexibility to my muscles and joints. I am impressed that your work was all without pain of any kind.
L. Couey - Buckhead GA

I just wanted to thank you for that incredible session yesterday. My legs have never been stretched like that. It was truly wonderful. The whole session was wonderful. Thank you. Be well.
G. McGraw - Atlanta GA

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